02: Planning

Previously on Stamina..


21 Feb 2017 – 5:43pm

In the planning stages of Stamina, after I’d paid my registration fee and sent off the event description to Fringe, I began to think over what the event would be.

First thoughts would be that it would form an extension to previous interviews I’d done and work as an exploration of the concept of Stamina. I’d interview Fringe artists about their experience of Stamina – where and how they found it, how they employed it, and how I could find some for myself – as it related to their work as artists.

As an interviewer and human, I’ve always been interested in artists as they attempt things I’m too scared to try. Artists are daring, fiercely intelligent and (apparently) brave, and it has always been as an outsider that I have approached people to interview. (Actually, it’s how I spend a lot of my life feeling, noticing others enjoying themselves with friends as I observe, alone and envious, from the outside.)

I’d been getting a bit jaded about my self worth and what I can possibly offer the artists who give me their time for a chat that would make it worth their while. LinkAdelaide doesn’t enjoy the kind of following that could guarantee ticket sales on the back of a promotional podcast appearance, and I feel I’d be cheating the artists if I represented that it did. Also, while I’ve been an arts punter for well over a decade I daren’t go into reviewing  – I’m just not sure I’ve got enough experience to comment on the hard work of others. So, jaded and unsure, in 2015 I decided to throw my hand in and register LinkAdelaide as an event in the 2016. Stories and Starting Points (I had to give LinkAdelaide’s event a name) would help give my work extra exposure, maybe drive website traffic, and hopefully generate enough visits that I could (even if only to myself) justify contacting artists for interviews again. Added to that, running an event called Stories and Starting Points gave me the opportunity for an added layer of uniformity and direction for my interviews, giving me – and them – a purpose beyond the simple promotion of acts.

As you know by now, I fell into depression early in 2016, so the event did too, and I basically made the difficult decision to pull the plug so that I wouldn’t waste anyone else’s time and could give myself time to recover.

A similar directive has driven the registration for 2017’s Stamina, and as I was planning how this year’s event would run, I brainstormed the following (it’s still in note form) as ideas for direction, questions, and thought experiments:

  • Stamina
  • Internal
  • Energy
  • Endurance
  • Athletic
  • Mental intelligence
  • Energy depressed people don’t have
  • Not being tired
  • Successful people have it in abundance
  • What brings you here
  • Why this
  • Why the arts on the current hard economy and context
  • Do people with good stamina actually ask themselves all these questions
  • Stamina is staying power
  • Why keepgiknh
  • How much can you possibly have to say
  • How do you continue after a failure
  • How do you go on when life saps your energy or trump Russia asylum seekers
  • How do I make this thing art
  • Is that my problem

In the theatre mentioned previously,  you and I think we may have stumbled into a lecture theatre rather than a Fringe show. Some would say we were in the perfect headspace to share the artists early exploration of Stamina, which continues with living.

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