Opening Weekend

Published: 19/02/2017

This is now the starting point of LinkAdelaide’s 2017 Adelaide Fringe event, Stamina.

This is not how I had planned for Stamina to be, but I think it could work out ok.

Stamina is not a show. It was never going to be a show, but it was going to have more external inputs and be closer to the podcast I released from the early days as LinkAdelaide’s core back in 2011.

Stamina is, right now, about failure. The initial plans for the event were for it to discuss stamina as a concept. Actually, the event description says it better:

If not being able to follow through with our event Stories and Starting Points last year taught us anything, it’s that the best artists need Stamina to succeed.

For 2017 our plan is to find out where those reserves of energy that keep us moving forward actually come from. Got some thoughts? Email us – and be part of it.

Stamina – Event Description from Adelaide Fringe site

Well, history repeats.

In the lead up to Fringe, when I should have been knee deep in planning, interviewing, organising and publishing content for Stamina I have been gripped by the same kind of depression and anxiety that caused me to cancel last year’s Stories and Starting Points event so I could spend time healing.

(NB: Depression and Anxiety are not new for me, and I am currently in treatment with a Mental Health Care Plan from my GP, and all the associated help. If you are suffering, please take the step to talk to your doctor about it. Most now are able to put you through the process of caring for your Mental Health and are able to provide help and assistance. If yours isn’t, get a new doctor. Of course, there are sites like Beyond Blue, Headspace and Lifeline if you want to start some research yourself, and Lifeline’s crisis line 13 11 14 if you need someone to talk to, now.)

I don’t want to fail myself again, so this is the beginning of Stamina. I don’t know where it will end up, or how, or what form it will take, so, if that interests you, please stick around.

If you need a mental image, my favoured one right now is that you and I have booked to see Stamina (generously, the event organiser has made the show free, so that’s nice) and have just arrived at the venue for the show.  It’s fringe theatre, but they’ve splashed out on comfortable seating, clean toilets, a well stocked refreshment counter and good air con. The well dressed venue staff have torn our tickets and we’re seated close to the front, but not so close as to engender the possibility of audience participation. There’s house music filling the room, gently warm light, an empty stage, and anticipation as we await whatever this ‘Stamina’ has for us.

Somewhere else, unseen and unheard by us, a breath.

“We have clearance. Stand by house music out, house lights out, and Lx 1.”

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