Hello Again

LinkAdelaide began, in May approximately 4 years ago today, in 2010.

Now, in 2014, as we enter our fifth year, more is on the cards. So a quick post here to request your attendance at http://www.linkadelaide.com.au.

Yes, there’s still a lot of stuff up there about events long past, but hidden inside (and the perpetual ‘Coming Soon’ could be written at this point too..) are the germs of what’s to come, and that’s frightfully exciting.

Also, our own blog, which kind of replaced what was here sporadically in the past.

This will change too, and possibly I might make this WordPress site slightly more personal as I leave linkadelaide.com.au to my business interests, which, as from the start, are carried out more in the third person separate but conjoined to mine own self.

Still, enough of the late night ramble.

Congrats to Austria on the Eurovision win, and stay tuned for more updates soon..

Stephen Moylan

(Everyone at LinkAdelaide)


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