Adelaide Cabaret Festival Gala Opening – In Review..

Will be quick with this one as I have tonnes to do today.. but for those interested in personable accounts of the Cabaret experience in Adelaide, I can recommended highly the Blogs of Super Soph and No Plain Jane.



Here are there thoughts on opening night of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. (NB: The girls are also worth a follow on Twitter if you’re really keen!)


Super Soph: Cabaret Diary, Friday 11th | the adventures of super-soph.

No Plain Jane: In Brief: Adelaide Cabaret Festival Opening 2011 | No Plain Jane.

Enjoy, have a read and please leave your thoughts. For one, Olivia Newton-John’s performance of Xanadu seems to have left many floored after the show. Was it a highlight for you?



  1. Thanking you to 😀

    ONJ was fine. She was hardly the best voice on that stage for me. I think for ONJ fans she would be fantastic, for the rest of us she was just okay. And in the world of the Cab Fest, she’s no Bernadette Peters, who blew me away the year she was in the gala.

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