Podcast – You’re The Best Place I Know (An Apology)

It’s not often that LinkAdelaide messes up (actually, it’s fairly often, but we’re new. And there’s only one of us. We’re doing the best we can okay!!) so we like to apologise when we do.

Today LinkAdelaide spoke to a great Adelaide artist called Isingyah, who’s brilliant exhibition You’re The Best Place I Know is currently on display at Urban Cow in the city.

We recorded the interview, said our goodbyes, then, later, downloaded the file to edit it together into a podcast. At this point the file was found to be corrupted and completely unworkable.

For this, we apologise to you, the reader, and Isingyah, who is more than welcome to ask for another, better interview if she wishes.

In consolation, we’ve written and recorded a spoken version of the below preview of her and her exhibition. Enjoy, and please head out to Urban Cow to see it live and in the flesh..



LinkAdelaide and Isingyah Temple for You’re The Best Place I Know at Urban Cow (released: 08/06/2011)


A short review of Isingyah Temple’s exhibition at Urban Cow Studios, created after LinkAdelaide’s interview with Isingyah ran into technical difficulties.

For more details, visit http://urbancow.com.au

via LinkAdelaide Podcast.

Welcome to the LinkAdelaide podcast.

Isingyah Temple is an Adelaide artist whose latest collection of artwork is now on display at Urban Cow Studio in the city.

Mainly working with drawings, watercolours and pencils, isingyah’s work is beautifully simple and intricate at the same time.

LinkAdelaide spoke to Isingyah and discussed her work her earlier today.

Unfortunately, due to a technical glitch, we are unable to bring you audio from that interview in this podcast.

We can tell you, however, that Isingyah’s exhibition celebrates the notion of friendship at its most simplest an deepest.

Utilizing water colour and ink illustrations, cut out paper borders and coloured panels sourced from paint colour sample charts, the work is deceptively simple, but expertly done.

It’s easy to compare her work to illustrations you’d see in a quality children’s picture book, so unsurprising then that Isingyah Temple is currently, slowly working on her own.

Isingyah lives with her husband and two children, and keeps her drawing life separate to family life – except on those odd occasions when her pencils are unavoidably on the kitchen table at breakfast time. She’ll draw with the kids too, but that’s strictly all for fun, not work.

And its this distinction between art as work, and art for fun with the family that starts to get at the heart of the beauty in Temple’s work, which LinkAdelaide strongly encourages you to check out.

You’re the Best Place I Know, by Isingyah Temple, opened at Urban Cow Studio, 11 Frome Street in Adelaide on June 1, and runs through until Saturday July 2.

For more information, visit linkadelaide.com.au or try urbancow.com.au


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