In Conversation – Part 2..almost

So, over a week ago now, in the wake of the In Conversation forum about collaboration held at the Adelaide Festival Centre, I wrote that I was going to listen to the forum’s podcast, then make informed comment on the issues raised by the forum.

This hasn’t happened yet – and I apologise. It’s been very hard for me to form my opinions into clear ideas to post, but I am getting there and hope to put something up here in the next few days.. promise.

Suffice to say in preview, whilst I still agree with a lot of what has been commented on regarding (especially) the attitudes towards young people young people perceived the theatre makers present to have had, I think there is much which wasn’t discussed that could’ve been which would have given audiences a different idea.

As to the real issues facing the Arts in Adelaide right now, I think the forum spoke well on a number of them, which I plan to address a bit with my opinions soon.

Till then, and in the hope the issue has not become a dead one with the passing of a couple of weeks,




PS: All the links and bits you need to check out this story are in my ‘In Conversation – Part 1‘ Blog entry, re-posted here in late May.


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