Zoo Story Stunning

Finally returned home after witnessing Tonight a true theatrical highlight for me in 2011.

Such is the wonder of seeing a legend, Mr Bert Newton, wander in to work at the Adelaide Festival Centre for Wicked in the evening..

My real reason for being in the path of greatness tonight was, however, not green, except in set design.

Super congratulations to Renato Musolino, Brendan Rock, Catherine Fitzgerald, Cass Backler, Dave Gadsden, Laura Smans and assistant director (sorry, have drawn an undeserved blank as I hear wonderful things about her talent…) who, with the State Theatre Company of SA, have create the finest, tightest, most intimate piece of theatre I’ve seen done professionally for a long time.

Edward Albee’s original, 1958 script, is every bit as modern and relevant today as it was over half a century ago and, with the precise direction from Fitzgerald (possibly her best work for State yet) and enormous talent of two of this towns hardest working (and deserve to work much much more) actors, students who see this theatre in education piece will be in for a real treat.

Plot is not what you’d expect from Backler’s picture book set, which is perfectly simple, just like Garden”s sparse, uncluttered lighting design with its beautifully timed long changes between mood enhancing states.

Truly a master work I’m proud to see come out of State, The Zoo Story ends today in the Space theatre with performances at 2pm and 8pm, before embarking on a short regional tour. Check http://www.statetheatrecompany.com.au and don’t miss it.

I’ve worked in the past ln shows featuring all cast members, Catherine, cass, and will be working with State Theatre Company and this show’s SM on the STCSA production of Buried Child. Please excuse bias. It’s still a very good show!


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