Repost from Old Blog: Renewing A Commitment 20/05/2011

If you’ll allow me a terribly political turn of phrase, this post will be short and to the point as, if only for myself, a way to renew my commitment to posting on this Blog about LinkAdelaide and, because they’re inextricably linked, my life.

Hopefully I’ll embellish this more formerly in a future post, but since way back in March when I waxed lyrical on Sydney after a brief stopover there on my way to Brisbane, I’ve spent an amazing week or so being artistically revived by Queensland’s young, vibrant arts scene (see and, plonked myself in Sydney for a bit of Sydney Theatre Company’s Hamlet and fun times with UK comics Jen Brister, Francesca Martinez and other friends.. and been screwed over the that same city by a backpackers which I shall not name.

After that, the trip went westward back to where it began for Moomba in March, Melbourne, for the whacked out roller coaster ride of the 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Following that, I’ve caught up with more fringe artists (and met more) down at Monash University, where I helped out on a new collaborative work, Abacus, and then, from it, gained work on my current stage management gig, Sleepyhead for the up and coming Melbourne writer’s theatre company MKA. (

All this, of course, dovetails (if this is the correct usage of the term), into my writing this today, now, from a converted basement in the old Australian Knitting Mills in Richmond, underneath MKA’s original theatre space.

Soon, it’ll be back to Adelaide for long overdue family catch up times and possibly even some Cabaret action (although sadly not in the employment stakes) before yet another trip east to Melbourne to work on its festival of all things Cabaretty..

Meanwhile, the LinkAdelaide podcast has been renewed, Twitter has been joined ( and I’ve FINALLY downloaded some software (Open Office) which appears to give me (still however, with much messing around with Mail Merge functions) some of the capabilities which’ll help me coordinate at least the events listings for this website.

So, onwards and upwards eh! (..and you thought this would be concise!)

As always, your feedback, suggestions and recommendations are welcome. Email or contact us via the social networking business..

Thanks for reading,

Stephen Moylan


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