Repost from Old Blog: Blogging.. a beginning of something 15/03/2011

So, I’ve been contemplating adding a Blog of some sort to LinkAdelaide since catching up with a couple of other bloggers I know and, given I’ve got about 5 minutes before I have to unplug from my Melbourne hostel’s powerpoint and check out, I thought now might as well be the right time to do it!

If you’ve read this far, and even just for visiting the site, THANK YOU. Much is still a work in progress as I learn more about webbing and, more importantly, what I want LinkAdelaide to become and be.

Fringe has been an excellent learning curve, creating a number of new friendships with artists, and seeing how the podcast interviews can work (if completed early enough) to both increase web hits (yes I’m a stats tragic who checks up on things every day..), and a person’s (ie me) enjoyment of fringe shows by going deep into the always fascinating (well, nearly) minds of artists.

Anyway, enough of a ramble. I promise much better prepared writing and more links (especially to my friends who blog better than I do) soon. For me, it’s time for a day out in Melbourne doing not much until my train leaves tonight for a day out in Sydney doing not much until my train leaves tomorrow night for my arrival for a few days in Brisbane.. where I may do stuff.



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