Repost from Old Blog: Amending The Beginning 15/03/2011

So, after this morning’s shameful effort, here comes part two of my opening monoblogologue.

Firstly, to the promised links to my friend’s blogs..
Jane Howard’s theatre blog, where she blogs reviews and other goodness from her mind as No Plain Jane.
> Sophie Bruhn – another young theatre lady, reviews and muses around Sophie’s World
> ..and Theatre Notes the last theatrically minded blog if the nationally famous within arts circles blog by well known critic Alison Croggon. Whilst I haven’t met Alison in person, she honoured a production I worked on in the 2010 Adelaide Fringe with a wonderful review and I shared a tweet thank you with her afterwards.

So, with that done, to today, which was spent, as stated earlier, not doing much around the city of Melbourne before coming to Southern Cross station to await boarding on the trip up and over to Sydney tonight.

Among other things I walked from my Hostel (Urban Central on the fringes of South Melbourne) to and through Albert Park (home of the upcoming Melbourne Grand Prix) to St Kilda. Then from St Kilda up Chapel Street to RIchmond, then the train to Southern Cross, back to the hostel to pick up the luggage then back to Southern Cross to – very soon now – pick up the train.

Lastly, for those of you wondering, today’s pick of my phone photos features (strangely enough) a street sign. This Adelaide St is located in South Yarra and runs west of Chapel Street. I’ll leave it up to you, your imagination, Google Maps (and hopefully your next trip to Melbourne), to work out exactly what you thing might be lurking up Adelaide St.

Till next blog,


(PS Comments welcome)


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