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Twitter. Cool. Do that.

But the substance of this post is not about Twitter. I was just on Twitter, but this is to reveal I’m a little bit excited about something.

Not the budget. The budget is beyond horrible for me and you and the arts and humanity but I promised I wasn’t going to make this about the budget because it all feels too devastating and I’m not qualified to give proper judgement on it, so I’ll shut up and bugger I’ve made this now longer about the budget than about Twitter or anything else.

Okay. Well. Now that only the true readers are still reading, the thing I’m excited about is the new podcast I’m planning. It’ll come up on the LinkAdelaide podcast feed, and feature some awesome people and things.

To that end, I want to speak to awesome people for the podcast. If you do something (anything) and think other people might find you or it interesting (but especially if you get told what you do is cool, or interesting, or one-of-a-kind) please shoot me an email STAT! on so I can get in touch and we can sort out an interview time..

More details about the podcast will be revealed in due course. Meanwhile, actually check out LinkAdelaide’s Twitter feed – we retweet interesting stuff about and by people doing good stuff in Adelaide. :)





Previous post/activity here inspired by friends. Not least of whom Mr S K Y E G E L L M A N N. (Skye Gellmann) whose blog is linked here and whom is a tremendous circus performer/acrobat and artistic professional ex-Adelaide whom I finally met in Melbourne a few years ago through another friend after hearing only amazing things about him during my time as an Adult student of Cirkidz in the mid-2000s. (A group I joined after chatting to and being inspired by the work of the Rambutan Circus Collective, which included Skye’s brother in their lineup, after witnessing them – I think – at one of the SUPA-MEGA-FASHION nights at the original Higher Ground which was located on Rundle St in the old IMAX theatre which is now the Palace EastEnd.)

Hello Again

LinkAdelaide began, in May approximately 4 years ago today, in 2010.

Now, in 2014, as we enter our fifth year, more is on the cards. So a quick post here to request your attendance at

Yes, there’s still a lot of stuff up there about events long past, but hidden inside (and the perpetual ‘Coming Soon’ could be written at this point too..) are the germs of what’s to come, and that’s frightfully exciting.

Also, our own blog, which kind of replaced what was here sporadically in the past.

This will change too, and possibly I might make this WordPress site slightly more personal as I leave to my business interests, which, as from the start, are carried out more in the third person separate but conjoined to mine own self.

Still, enough of the late night ramble.

Congrats to Austria on the Eurovision win, and stay tuned for more updates soon..

Stephen Moylan

(Everyone at LinkAdelaide)

Developing an audience for a writer « No Plain Jane

Developing an audience for a writer « No Plain Jane.


Just discovered this post on Adelaide Theatre Critic, Jane Howard’s blog, featuring a quote from Ross Mueller about developing audiences for new writers, and an inability (in Ross’s opinion) for Melbourne artists to have opportunities like those (apparently) available in Sydney – with Ross’ example Lachlan Philpott’s Silent Disco, recently performed to rave reviews in a collaboration between the Australian Theatre for Young People ( and Griffin Theatre Company (

My comments are at the bottom of Jane’s post, and reprinted below.


Response 1 (27/10/2011 – 12:12am):

Jane, you might be interested in looking at the work of MKA in Melbourne ( I’ve worked with them before and their commitment to building audiences for budding Australian writers is amazing. Sold out seasons in pop up venues for exciting and emerging Australian writers this year, and their latest Open Season (starting very, VERY soon) will see a huge number of works by new Australian writers shown to audiences, performed and directed by even more emerging artists.

Through my involvement with MKA, I’m rapidly developing a list of writers whose work excites me, and whose careers I plan to follow with my attendance at their shows.

Response 2 (27/10/2011 – 12:16am):

In Adelaide, Duende is working hard to provide opportunities in this state for emerging writers through their regular staged reading sessions in the studio space at the Bakehouse. (search for them on Facebook for more details).

Overall, I think that, as these companies grow (both Duende and MKA are still relatively new players in their respective markets) and organically build audiences through well chosen, well produced work, so will the opportunities for new artists to develop their careers – and audiences.

LinkAdelaide looks forward to it. :)